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Cosmetology & Esthetician Online Courses!

Save up to 30% with our promotional packages. Enhance your skills in beauty and esthetics through our comprehensive online programs, tailored for both aspiring professionals and seasoned experts. Start your educational journey with us today!


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Online courses

Online courses

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Online courses

What's new at the Beauty Expert ONLINE

 What's new at the Beauty Expert ONLINE
Online Trichology Course

An online course covering the diagnosis of hair and scalp problems, as well as treatment methods for conditions such as baldness and hair loss.

Online Biostimulator Course

The online course involves activating the natural regenerative processes of the skin by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin using biostimulators.

Online Face Taping Course

The online course covers techniques for using kinesiology tapes to increase the space between the skin and muscles, which aids in the facelift effect.

 What's new at the Beauty Expert ONLINE

Why is it worth learning online?

Benefits of online learning
Start now

You don't have to wait for a start date - you can begin learning at any time.


The latest additions include tissue stimulators, aesthetic kinesiotaping, natural medicine, and trichology.

Online exams

All quizzes and exams on our educational platform are conducted online.

Practical learning

In our online courses, you'll find video materials that will allow you to perform procedures from a practical perspective.


You'll easily grasp scientific content by using visual multimedia materials.

Free Consultations

Support at every stage of learning ensures a thorough understanding of the material being covered.


You can generate each certificate, diploma, and attestation by yourself in PDF.

Complimentary Certificates

You receive free certificates. After completing the course, you can generate the document.

Access After a Year

Access after a year. After completing the course, you can extend access to the materials and their updates for another year.

Benefits of online learning

Who are the ONLINE beauty courses for?

Our online beauty courses are perfect for everyone! Are you a beginner looking to gain the essential skills for working in the beauty industry? Or perhaps you're a professional wanting to enhance your expertise and expand your treatment offerings? Our courses are also an excellent solution for individuals who want to learn how to perform treatments in the comfort of their own homes, saving time and money, as well as for those who need a flexible approach to learning due to limited time.

Who are the ONLINE beauty courses for?
Who are the ONLINE beauty courses for?

Get certificates and a diploma!

After each lesson, you can test your acquired knowledge with a quiz and immediately generate a certificate. During your studies, you can use the practice exam without any restrictions. After completing all the lessons, you take the final exam, after which you receive a diploma and a certificate.

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One-Year Online Beauty Course Program

One-Year Online Beauty Course Program

The one-year online cosmetology course includes 44 lessons, which are made available weekly. The lessons are organized in order of increasing difficulty.

Training Modules
Online Lessons
Months of Learning
One-Year Online Beauty Course Program

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Beauty Expert Online
Beauty Expert Online
Beauty Expert Online
Beauty Expert Online
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Learn with Us

You can practice professional cosmetic treatments whether you are at home or in a beauty salon. Remember that by participating in our certified cosmetic training, you gain the skills necessary to work in the Beauty industry.


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Learn with Us
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Questions and AnswersQuestions and Answers
Questions and Answers
What is an online beauty course?

Online beauty courses are a method of remote education that allows individuals to acquire knowledge and develop cosmetology skills without the need for direct participation in classes. They offer access to educational materials online, including videos and theoretical concepts presented on an intuitive modular platform, enabling effective learning in any conditions and at any time.

Who are online beauty training programs for?

Online beauty training programs are designed for a diverse group of participants, including individuals with no prior experience, as well as professionals such as beauticians, cosmetologists, massage therapists, stylists, and doctors. They offer a wide range of courses, including those on waxing, makeup, eyelash extensions, brow styling, and many others, available to anyone interested.

What are the most popular online beauty courses?

The most popular online beauty courses include training in various specialized techniques and treatments, such as microneedling, chemical peels, ear piercing, waxing, as well as body relaxation massage and hot stone massage. Additionally, courses on brow lamination, lash lifting, and more specialized training such as Kobido massage and maderotherapy are in high demand. These courses are designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and practical skills necessary for the professional execution of the mentioned treatments and techniques.

Are online courses as valuable as in-person courses?

Online courses are created to provide a level of knowledge and skills equivalent to those offered by in-person courses. Completing an online beauty course often involves receiving certificates, which are valued by employers in the industry. Through the ability to ask questions and repeatedly access video materials and interactive theoretical content, participants can gain a deeper understanding of the topics covered.

What is an online microneedling course?

An online microneedling course is a digital training focused on the safe and effective technique of applying active substances directly into the deep layers of the skin using a needle. This procedure, which is a key element of aesthetic medicine, is highly valued for its rejuvenating and regenerative abilities. Participants in the course gain not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills, allowing them to apply this method professionally and safely.

Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers
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