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One-Year Beauty Academy

Interested in cosmetology? The Beauty Expert educational platform combines a scientific approach to cosmetology with practical application of knowledge. The program is based on modern treatment techniques, offering access to innovative teaching methods. With us, you have the opportunity to learn from 44 modular lessons available 24/7, obtain certificates, and test your knowledge through interactive quizzes. Join us and turn your dreams into reality!


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Why is it worth joining the one-year beauty academy Beauty Expert?

Why is it worth joining the one-year beauty academy Beauty Expert?

Learning knows no bounds. Our educational platform guarantees full flexibility, allowing you to educate yourself from any location and at any time. With round-the-clock access to the platform, you can develop your skills in a way that's tailored to your individual needs, regardless of location or schedule.

Online Exams

Remote exams in our academy guarantee convenience and adaptability to your pace. Each lesson ends with a quiz to check your knowledge. Thanks to the option of taking a practice exam, you can see how much you already know. And when you feel ready, you can take the final exam without time pressure, in the comfort of your own home.

Broad Range of Topics

Our program is based on the latest trends and proven practices. Over the course of 12 months, you'll complete 44 lessons, covering knowledge in professional facial and body treatments, handling modern cosmetic devices, massages, lash, brow, and nail styling. The lessons are designed with both beginners without experience and those already working in the industry in mind, aiming to further broaden their expertise.

Why is it worth joining the one-year beauty academy Beauty Expert?

Learning from any location at any time

Unlike traditional education, which demands constant presence and adherence to a fixed schedule, with us, you're afforded full flexibility. You won't need to adjust to a tight timetable or stress over commuting to classes. You learn at your own pace, in a way that suits your preferences.

Online registration

Why is it worth learning online?

Benefits of online learning
Flexible schedule

You can learn from any location and at any time, you only need internet access.

Saving money

Online learning is cheaper than stationary, the saved funds can be used to purchase cosmetic equipment.

Updated knowledge

Your lessons are continually updated, ensuring you always have current knowledge.

Your pace

Practice and repeat the material as many times as needed.

Trainer support

Receive trainer support - you can always ask us questions regarding lessons.

Saving time

There is no need to commute to a place of learning.


Access to interactive learning tools and exercises, you won't get bored.

Combine work with learning

Flexibly combine learning with work, family, and other responsibilities – have 24/7 access to your personal account.


Extend access to materials after course completion and revisit covered lessons.

Efficient learning

Videos, presentations, quizzes, and other educational methods help you quickly understand and absorb material.

Mental comfort

Learn in a stress-free environment without social pressure.

Reviewing material

Play back recorded lessons for review.

Benefits of online learning

How learning at Beauty Expert?

Studying with us is a combination of convenience, intuition, and high-quality educational materials. You decide your pace of learning, using an extensive teaching program. You learn about the evolution of methods, treatment rules, indications, contraindications, recommendations, and expected results. You acquire knowledge on how to prepare the client, preparations, equipment, and workstation for each treatment and how to perform treatments according to work plans while watching instructional videos. Lessons and films can be played multiple times, so you can review theory and practice procedures at any moment. It's important that after a year of studying, you can extend access for more years, continuing to benefit from your lessons and knowledge, which will assist you in your professional work.

Learn the details

How learning at Beauty Expert?
How learning at Beauty Expert?

Earn certificates and a diploma!

After each lesson, you can validate your knowledge through interactive quizzes, a practice exam, all leading up to passing the final examination. You can also independently generate certificates, which are always accessible on your account after each lesson.

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 One-Year Course Program

One-Year Course Program

Our one-year program is based on the latest trends and is constantly updated. Over the course of 1 year, you will complete 44 lessons, which cover the cosmetic industry and some related sciences. You will start by learning the rules of the salon, hygiene, basic anatomy, usage and construction of equipment, as well as the composition and effects of professional products. Next, within individual lessons, we will present specific treatments in an interesting and easy-to-learn manner. If you have a question about a particular lesson, use the form available below it to write to us. Whether you are inexperienced or have completed other schools, our program will help you expand your knowledge and acquire new skills.

You can find the detailed education program below:

Video Materials
Online Lessons
Months of Learning
 One-Year Course Program

How do our students rate the program?

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Beauty Expert Online
Beauty Expert Online
Beauty Expert Online
Beauty Expert Online
Take advantage of the PROMOTION

Take advantage of the PROMOTION

Join now and receive complimentary certificates!

For one-time payments, PDF certificates are generated at no extra cost. The promotional offer is available for new participants and is valid from November 20, 2023, to December 20, 2023.


Take advantage of the PROMOTION
Take advantage of the PROMOTION
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Questions and AnswersQuestions and Answers
Questions and Answers
What are the technical requirements to use the educational platform?

To use the platform, all you need is an internet connection, a computer or a mobile device with a web browser.

Do I need to have prior experience in the beauty industry to enroll in the academy?

No, prior experience in the beauty industry is not required. Our program is designed for beginners.

Is access to the platform time-limited, and does my account disappear after passing the exam?

During the 12 months of study, access to the platform is unlimited. After completing the academy, you have the option to extend access to the educational materials on the platform for a fee of 15£ per month or 98£ for an entire additional year.

Can I study at any time and place?

Yes, learning takes place online, meaning you can use the platform at any time and place.

Will I receive a diploma after completing the academy?

Yes, after completing the academy and passing the exam, you will be able to independently generate a certificate and diploma in three language versions.

Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers
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